Quiet Reflections, Rude People and Stirring Awakenings

800px-Stipula_fountain_penI’ve been contemplating several things today, two days after my daughter’s wedding and 22 days before the day Americans traditionally celebrate the birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ known as Christmas. And in at least some aspect, whether Christian or not, worldly or otherwise, that day will be observed.

Getting my thoughts out in writing this way, I am able to reflect,  contemplate and unfetter myself to what God would have me to know.

1) Our daughter’s wedding was all that we hoped for and envisioned! It was so elegant, timeless, beautiful and joyous! An exquisite blending of the ecstatic couple’s personalities! It was a worshipful experience that truly displayed their honor and love toward one another and to God! It was an exuberant occasion alive with passion for life, love and the Lord! What a blessing to us and to all involved!

2) There are no more wedding preparations to make. I have spent 9 months planning our daughter’s wedding, knowing that when the day arrived and then became a memory, God would move me into a new thing. A shift to another purpose. Today, I am sick and encumbered with some sort of bronchial, sinusy, achy ailment, and acutely attentive to the fact the house is silent and a room is empty. I recognize that these two things encroach on my desire for this change…whatever it is, to thrust me into my destiny. Yet, He is so near. I am ever aware that He awaits patiently for me to put aside my self, my flesh, and go with Him where He wants to take me.  

3) I am astonished and saddened by where people’s priorities and loyalties are sometimes, and the insecurities and issues that keep them in bondage, preventing them from being present at a once-in-a-lifetime event for someone they have known and loved a long time. Their loss.

4) I am appalled at the lack of respect and complete selfishness people can exhibit without any consideration of someone else and their cherished moments and treasured heirlooms. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

5) I will not let numbers 3 and 4 darken number 1. Everyone in attendance who has commented to me about the wedding/reception, has stated how absolutely wonderful it was – too many to let anything impede that.

6) With the coming Christmas celebrations around the corner, I am overcome with joy by the thought of having gatherings in our new home this year, with both young and old, and new and long-time family members and friends.  I don’t want it to be about spending money on others, competition,  rivalry, anxiety, commercialism or unease of hurting feelings.  It should just be about loved ones gathering to enjoy one another’s company and esteeming the birth of Christ who came to set the captives free and give us everlasting life in a relationship with Him!

7) I can’t help but feel that soon after Christmas something will change. Not just the New Year, but something else. Something more profound, more far-reaching.  I don’t know if it is just for me, however that is one aspect of it. But I believe it is something for my whole family, maybe even bigger than that. Something for many people all over the place. I’m going to have to get in prayer about this. But I know one thing for certain, whether good or bad, big or small, God is still on the Throne and in control. Nothing happens outside of His will and His hand. And everything is done for Him to be known throughout the whole earth, yet, He cares for little old me and every single individual with an unfathomable, eternal love. That is comforting.


About KupofJo

I'm just an average 'Jo' who is saved and set free day by day through God's grace, seeking to know my Lord and follow His Way. Along this path I desire to walk in love, peace, joy, strength, valor and obedience to His statutes. As I attempt to do what He calls me to do as a woman, wife, mother, daughter of the Most High King and part time writer, I am human and will certainly stumble along the way. I am so thankful that we have a God who is merciful and shows us grace beyond what we deserve. Thanks for stopping by and traveling alongside me in this journey, if only briefly, as I scribe the thoughts He places within my heart, as well as some day-to-day notions about His world and the people in it. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the stroll!
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