Information You Should Know: FREEMASON UNCOVERED

253127_469121479776080_552587157_nFREEMASONRY EXPOSED

Albert Pike – wrote ‘Morals and Dogma’ – the Freemasonry ‘bible’.

Official Freemasonry “bible” promotes Luciferian Doctrines.

Albert Pike’s picture can be seen framed and displayed in most Freemasonry Grand Lodges.

Albert Pike headed the KKK movement and was a 33rd degree Freemason.

“I took my obligation to White men, not to Negroes. When I have to accept Negroes as brothers or leave Masonry, I shall leave it.” – Illustrious Albert Pike 33° -History and Evolution of Freemasonry, page 329

The emblem of the Ku Klux Klan – the pyramid

FREEMASONRY universal language is communicated in SYMBOLOGY

The use of symbols is seen to have been used as far back as the fall of the TOWER of BABEL due to the introduction of many tongues. Symbols became a universal code of their language.

KEY symbology includes:

ONE EYE- the eye of Horus, all-seeing eye, Big Brother, the Morning Star, etc.

HAND symbols- use of Corna hand signs, specific hand shakes, etc.

THE PYRAMID – The triangle logo, the triangle which represents the order of hierarchy, the pyramid or obelisk.

SUN RAYS – Illumination, sun worship, etc.

KEY SECTS – the pentagram, the curved sword, the eye, the falcon/phoenix

SYMBOLS of FREEMASONRY – All seeing eye, the pyramid and the obelisk

Washington DC – decor  – SYMBOLISM – set square and compass

After the fall of the Tower of Babel, GOD ALMIGHTY gave many languages to the nations – the many languages prevented unity because of the desire to become like God – FREEMASONS use symbols to create false unity to carry out a universal agenda. The parallel, like-God agenda of the Tower of Babel.

Two pillars used in structures to represent Twin Pillars of Jachin and Boaz originated from the biblical account of Solomon’s Temple. These pillars represent to masons an equilibrium between two forces. They also are symbolic of esoteric and profane meanings of a higher plane of enlightenment. They are representative of a “Mysterious Portal”.

See UNITED NATIONS architecture, along with other architecture of prominent buildings around the World.

Language is no longer a barrier – Symbols speak – pentagram is head

United Nations – Headquarters of New World Order? Symbols everywhere!

FREEMASONS meet at Grand Lodges – a grand lodge may be found all over the world.

The head of the Grand Lodge is the Grand MASTER who has a 33rd degree.

Significant Grand Lodges:

London Freemason Hall

Washington DC Grand Lodge

GRAND LODGES are present all over the world – the temples are used to carry out occult ceremonies of initiation.

There are 33 degrees of graduation in Freemasonry. See stages in the below diagram.

Most Freemasons never pass the 3rd or 4th degree and are ignorant of the higher levels of the organization.

Freemasons and below are deceived into believing it is a ‘christian’ organization.

Each level involves an initiation ceremony. Only illuminated or enlightened Freemasons are said to have the 33rd degree.

Aleister Crowley – known to be a chief high priest of Satan was a 33 degree Freemason.

The Pentagram is associated with masonry and is used in satanic rituals.

PYRAMID STRUCTURE of Freemasonry. A universally organized system that works in a hierarchy. The sects in the pyramid all answer to BIG BROTHER.

Freemasonry believes in Lucifer, and that he is the true god. Universal symbol of Lucifer is the Pentagram and the GOAT.

Satan = goat

Goat = demon god = Baphomet

Freemason being controlled by a goat

SET SQUARE AND COMPASS – The SQUARE is an instrument adapted for plane surfaces only, and therefore appropriate to Geometry, or measurement of the Earth, which appears to be, and was by the Ancients supposed to be, a plane. The COMPASS is an instrument that has relation to spheres and spherical surfaces, and is adapted to spherical trigonometry, or that branch of mathematics which deals with the Heavens and the orbits of the planetary bodies.

The Scottish Rite ritual agrees with the York Rite that the Letter G represents God and Geometry, but also adds a third meaning: Gnosis.

In addition to the square and circle being represented, when placed as they are they depict the triangle. The square forms the lower triangle which is an ancient symbol for female genitalia, the womb, etc. The top half of the triangle which is the compass is representative of male genitalia. – Morals and Dogma: Consistory: XXXII. Sublime of the Royal Secret pg. 850-51, ALBERT PIKE

Symbols of Freemasonry:

Most Grand Lodges have a checkered floor, this symbol of checkered floor motif is used in the media. The checkered floor represents the area on which a person gets initiated.

The checkered floor is also seen on the chess board. One the front line is the pawn – the bottom of the pyramid the people who fight battles for the King. The Queen is the most powerful piece in the game – the queen aka the Madonna. The anti-christ doctrine makes the Madonna more powerful than the child.

Oaths are taken by initiates to swear never to speak of the things discussed by the Brotherhood. Speaking outside the coven results in mystery deaths. – Michael Jackson is a classic example

Oaths of secrecy:

World leaders, Presidents and people of influence are 33rd degree Freemasons. See who attended the Pope’s funeral in 2005. Also, check into Bohemian Grove for more  information on this.

Barak Obama’s ring

Obama’s speech – NWO – All seeing eye

George Bush and the Brotherhood of Skull and Bones

Freemasons wear aprons – aprons are used to protect the clothes from blood sacrifices made during initiation of candidates.

Initiation ceremonies involve candidates being blindfolded and made to say oaths. Lower levels start off with oaths and higher levels involve human sacrifices and blood.

Candidate been initiated – first degree

Initiate is passing through ‘two pillars’ – see symbols above of Freemasonry

Superstar PINK – showing initiation – look up ‘MK culture’.

The Dollar Bill is a Freemasonry invention. Freemasons use money to control the world.

Look up decoding the ‘dollar bill’ to understand the master mind behind the symbology.

Mason – spelled on dollar bill

Freemasonry serves JAHBULON (Babylon)– but only higher degrees in Freemasonry know and acknowledge this.


Hebrew words are used in their code of who their gods are:

Jah = god-bul = baal-on = Osiris

Sol = sun/Ra god-on = Osiris mon = see

Is = Isis Ra= sun-god-el = god

Freemasonry slogan is OUT OF CHAOS comes ORDER

Freemasonry makes use of TERRORISM and FEAR (chaos) to produce human unity = New World Order.

TERRORISM is a front used by Freemasons to ensue panic.

CHAOS to produce ORDER?

The Freemasons create chaos between religious groups to produce fusion of religions.

‘We are one’ – We all serve the same god, some just have different names – All gods are equal – All paths lead to god – No religion is superior.  These ideals are generated from Freemasonry and NWO.

Y2K – world’s data systems will crash, the world is ending

12/21/2012 – the world is ending

Freemasonry is used in media to ‘preach’. Projects such as MK ultra is an example. Music contains their message, movies contain their views and magazines promote their agenda.

Freemasonry is anti-christ and has infiltrated most churches – such as, luke warm doctrines, Alpha courses, preachers who are involved in immoral activities, prosperity gospel, elitism, structure of hierarchy ingrafted in pastoral administration, secular humanism, etc. This is all done to numb morality. Prayer was taken out of schools to push the agenda that all religions are equal. Corporal punishment was removed and child independence increased. Children should tell on their parents – George Orwell 1984 says children report their parents to the thought police. Increased rebellion is encouraged. Homosexuality is promoted as a fad. People are declared to be more open-minded to ‘sin’.

Freemasons believe they are gods. So this doctrine is passed through media as secular humanism. People become so accustomed to self-indulgence they lose track of what is happening around them as their sole focus is self and exalting self. We are too busy to notice what is happening subtly in the world and the increase in moral decay. George Orwell refers to this as NEWSPEAK – constant brain washing of the masses to the extent that the majority of population can not remember what happened yesterday. They control the past therefore they control the future. No one questions what is happening – so they continue to replicate their ideologies and younger generations accept these ideas as normal. Terrorism is normal. In the MATRIX we are so plugged into the matrix we miss the agenda of the elite.

Freemasons ultimate agenda is to produce a NEW WORLD ORDER

Freemasons do not want the masses to think! They produce negative connotations about their own agenda as ‘conspiracy theories’. They want the masses to remain blind – they want the masses to think its all unrealistic and yet, it happens daily.

[The information printed in this article is reproduced from other sources. However, I have personally researched it in my own studies on the Freemasons and find it to be reliable.]



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