KupofJo is a forum that will provide insights into the Rhema and Logos Word of God, the divine and the profane, the beauty in creation and the Creator, the travesty and results of sin in the world in which we live, and the thoughts I have on it all.  Sometimes postings will simply be my musings and the way I personally see what is happening in the immediate world around me.  Other times, the articles and discussions posted will be directly from the heart of the Lord as He gives me eyes to see and the ability to convey it.

My name is Linda. My middle name, which I never use, is Jo. It’s a derivative of Jossie, my mother’s middle name. Hence, the name KupofJO.   A sort of pun, I suppose. I am His vessel – a cup for the Lord. A cup that is continuously being filled with an assortment of many flavors that my loving and divine Creator has poured into me from my lifetime to share with others in His timing in a variety venues. This is one of those venues. A place to herald the Lord’s message to bring awakening, to encourage, to admonish, to cause the searching soul to seek God for answers, to turn hearts to the message of Christ – who is the final sacrificial Lamb – the roaring Lion of Judah.

My desire is to be a humble and genuine human being, while walking in bold authority in the call and anointing the Lord has given me.  A KupofJo is created to honor and glorify the Lord, and to recognize the uniqueness of humanity: the extraordinary, yet, ordinary – the wickedness, yet, the goodness – the abusive and the praiseworthy – and God’s  mercy and exact justice in it all, through it all and for us all.

Let’s explore together our extraordinary God and His world!



Please feel free to comment, add a suggestion or ask questions.

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