Wisdom from a 91 Year Old

A CALL TO ARMS – Small Beginnings of a Herald for the Lord

This is a documentation of a conversation I had with my elderly mother several weeks back. I had been researching the Freemasons, the US government, and the hidden agendas of these groups and how they are interconnected with tentacles in every world structure known to mankind. My dad was a Lt Col in the Air Force in the mid to late 1950’s and early 60’s, and later became a prominent aerospace engineer at Lockheed-Martin for NASA and the government. He flew recon missions and rubbed shoulders with presidents, high-ranking military officers and other government officials. A question I asked my mom about my dad’s knowledge of these hidden agendas escalated into very revealing information that I had never known growing up and became a turning point in my life.

Click the link labeled “A Call to Arms…” to find out more.


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